My work is a compilation of self reflection through intuitive painting.


These pieces are where I process my doubt, empowerment, confusion, joy, and love.  The result is spontaneous, calming, honest, and open to interpretation.   I sincerely believe feelings are not best articulated with words and my abstractions are made in an effort to still my mind, become present, and focus my subconscious energy into the paint to share my voice.


My passion, mark making, and color inspiration are driven from my Maine roots.  I grew up in a rural town comprised of 10,000 people at the top of Maine.  I was surrounded by old school thinkers, teachers, potato farmers, and some of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve experienced to date.  There is a note of freedom and mystique in the air and I strive to breathe that into my paintings.


With abstraction my hope is for you to be present and experience the piece as it is rather than search for the narrative or specific “meaning”.  The paintings are mine when I’m creating them and yours once they leave my easel.  Be free to explore, be present, and let your mind wander.


Karrie Brawn - 2018